Introducing our products manufactured in Pukekohe, New Zealand

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Quality Ingredients

We prioritise local ingredients sourced from New Zealand's pristine waters and clean and green surroundings.

Factory in Pukekohe

All our products with few exceptions are manufactured locally in our factory in Pukekohe, located in the Auckland region

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Joint Health

Green-Lipped Mussel: Natural anti-inflammatories harvested from NZ waters


Colostrum & Milk Products

Browse our wide range of colostrum products including colostrum sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand



Goat Milk Powder

New Zealand goat's milk is a great alternative for anyone unable to tolerate cow's milk, being far easier to digest as it is structurally more similar to our own. Make a routine of adding a spoonful to your daily morning smoothies.

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Special Collection

Our collection which sources the best ingredients from around the world for optimal health solutions

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Manuka Honey

Our Manuka Honey is certified by the UMF Association, the gold standard grading system for Manuka Honey. Only authentic Manuka Honey from New Zealand can make use of the UMF trademark.

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Evening Primrose Oil

Cold-pressed from premium evening primrose seeds grown in New Zealand, our evening primrose oil capsules are of the highest quality.

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